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Pastor Rick Video

Pastor Rick Video

Pastor Rick Shelton gets very passionate about the power, purpose, and presence of God.

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Partnering to Help Haiti

Haiti Video

God calls us to serve in many different ways. We saw that in our proud military that brought forth the provisions, and in International Crisis Aid that delivered the need. Together they made it happen. For when we serve Him we serve others, and we are humbled to be part of the plan.

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Ethiopia ...
one life at a time

I had been praying for three years asking God to restore the world missions vision for Life Christian Church. For many years, the church had been a part of various missions projects in India.

I've always felt like I was called to that region of the world ...

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Pastors Rick and Donna Shelton

We care deeply about people

Early on, God gave us a burning desire to see the Church reflect His heart concerning diversity and racial reconciliation. Through the years we have watched people from many races, nations and cultures come and add the richness of their culture to the whole family of Christ. Our calling is to see lives changed and restored through the transforming power of the message of Christ that is taught and lived by example.

Family is extremely important because God established it in the beginning. His desire is to be reflected in the personal relationship we have with Him, with our family, our church family and the larger family of God around the world.

Donna and I both came from loving, Christian homes and God has given us the privilege of continuing that legacy. We have four sons: Jeff, Josh (married to Tori), Gabe and Garrett, and four grandchildren, Miles, Lila, Ansley, and Monroe.

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Pastor Rick Shelton

Rick Shelton

I was raised in church, cut my teeth on the back of a church pew, so to speak, and accepted Christ at an early age, but that in no way guaranteed a committed life to Him. It wasn’t until after I was married to Donna at age eighteen that I really began to stop taking my relationship with God for granted. He began dealing with my heart, especially with the long-standing statement that I would never preach or go into ministry! After a string of circumstances that only He could orchestrate, I fell across my bed and committed my life wholly to Him and His will for me. Of course, He immediately spoke to my heart and said, “Preach my Gospel.”

I quit my job, turned in my uniform, preached my first sermon a week later in my home church and a week after that loaded my wife, eighteen-month old son, Jeff and as many belongings as we could fit into my 1973 Dodge Challenger, and off we went.

For a year and a half we traveled to many small churches in our denomination as “evangelists” bringing revival, though I knew I was called to pastor. We pastored a small church in North Carolina for almost two years, giving it all we had to grow and establish our little congregation in the Lord. I never expected anything greater than that …

But, in March of 1979, God sovereignly gave me a vision as I lay on my bed praying. In the vision along with everything I saw, God spoke to me to go back to St. Louis and plant a church there. In June of 1980, Life Christian Church began. Our mandate was: the Word, Worship, and World Evangelism. That was the beginning of the most amazing journey of my life.

Since then, I have been blessed with a vibrant congregation of Christ-followers, many of whom have been raised up and sent out as pastors, missionaries, worship leaders and world changers.

As for myself, God has given me opportunity to travel to many nations of the world, encouraging leaders and pastors, helping to build the local churches there, and also engaging in life transforming mission’s work. We are now providing clean water through legacy wells, safe homes for those we rescue out of sex slavery, and are building a hospital in Angacha, Ethiopia.

I went through six years of chronic illness and fatigue from 1999 – 2005 when God supernaturally healed me and delivered me from the prescription drugs that were used to control the symptoms of a disease doctors had no cure for. Soon, my book will be published describing those long years of debilitating illness and panic/anxiety disorder that has become so common in the lives of many leaders and pastors. I have spoken in many conferences to bring hope and wisdom “learned the hard way” to those from Moms to pastors, leaders and executives experiencing the horrendous effects of this. It is becoming so commonplace as to be accepted as the norm for anyone of great responsibility. I am compelled to refute that lie and bring the truth, hope and deliverance of God’s Word to those who suffer as I did.

It is wonderful to serve the Lord.

Pastor Donna Shelton

Donna Shelton

I was born and raised in a little town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia in a loving Christian family. My parents were a faithful model of what “serving” God was all about. My Mom taught little children to love Jesus every Sunday until she went to heaven in 1998. My Dad served as a teacher, usher, board member in our church, but the greatest impact they had on me was their faithfulness in attendance, tithing and serving our church and pastor in any capacity, any time. Mom and Dad cleaned our little church as volunteers every Saturday for over 20 years while Dad worked more than 50 hours a week and Mom stayed home to raise me and my five brothers and sisters. Every Sunday, we would get ready and Dad would drop us off an hour early and he would make three or four trips around town to provide a ride to church for young families or old people who couldn’t make it on their own.

Why did I tell all that? That is who I am. To love Him is to serve those He loves in any way that I can with the abilities He has given me. At the age of fourteen, I was talking to God while laying in a field of broom straw and He spoke to my heart that I would some day marry a man who would be a pastor and love God the way I did. Then, we would serve Him together for the rest of our lives.

That happened in a totally supernatural way. My Dad was adamant that I not go to Houston, Texas to our denomination’s Bible College, but uncharacteristically changed his mind after many appeals from the Vice President of the college who was speaking at our conference. Rick graduated from his high school early and “decided” to go to Bible college in Houston since his older brother was already there. We “wound up” standing beside each other in choir and when we traveled that summer to represent the school, I fainted in his arms during one of our songs. He carried me off the stage and, well … the rest is a very romantic history.

God dramatically called Rick into ministry with a passion for people and leaders and we have walked hand in hand all the way.

I love to teach, breaking open the Word of God for prophetic and practical application. Also, I love to write, painting pictures of the heart of God through words. In my heart, I always see concepts of Him in pictures and wanted desperately to be able to paint them. I didn’t have that gifting and after a time of tearful prayer asking Him to give me that ability, I heard this phrase loud and clear in my heart so I grabbed a pen and began to write what I saw ...

“Oh, to paint a picture clear of the Lord I love and hold so dear. Not with canvas, brush and oil, but with words and phrases I will toil. With loving strokes each phrase I’ll turn, for in my heart a picture burns And I must paint for all to see, the heart of God revealed to me”

Then the Lord spoke to my heart and said, “Donna if you paint with canvas, brush and oil, they will only see what you see. But if you paint with words, I will paint on the canvas of their heart the picture I want them to see.”

So, I have written and distributed them by files full over the years, but now am endeavoring to make them available along with the wonders I capture in photography ... since I can’t paint!

It is wonderful to serve the Lord.

Does a curtain stand in your way?

Pastor Donna Video

While Jesus was suffering on the cross, God tore in half the temple curtain, signifying we all now have direct access through Christ. Though we will never experience what Jesus did, God is telling us that our own suffering can be taken away if we stand in faith with Him.

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